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Our Clinic

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FootDoctor Podiatry Clinic is lead by our Chief Podiatrist Dr Lim Yuanshuang. After practicing in Malaysia for more than 5 years, she decided to venture into this podiatry clinic outside of hospital setting, aiming to provide even better podiatric care to her patients.


In this clinic, you will receive a much more extensive gait assessment prior to prescribing orthotics with gait assessment technologies involved. Besides that, all podiatry-specific instruments are available, cleaned and sterilised after every use, to ensure we provide a gold standard clinical care services to our patients.  

Most importantly, this clinic is fully designed for the use of podiatric care, so expect a very comfortable environment with proper podiatric chair and very good customer service from our team. We aim to allow our patients to be able to reach us easily with just a phone call away.

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