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Our Team


Chief Podiatrist and Founder

Dr Lim Yuanshuang

B.Pod.M. M.A.Pod.A.


Dr Lim, preferably known as Dr Shuang, has gained her degree in Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine (B.Pod.M.) from The University of Western Australia (UWA). 


Dr Shuang is currently registered under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency as a fully qualified practitioner. According to the Australian law, all Australian graduated podiatrists (except for the state of Queensland) are titled 'Dr' during practice. However, due to the limited amount of podiatrists in Malaysia and the general lack of standardisation of using the title around the world, podiatrists are currently unable to register in the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). 


After having a few years of training done in Australia before returning home, she is now the first Malaysian podiatrist practicing in Malaysia! Dr Shuang has had more than 10 years of experience practicing in Malaysia and thus have a good sets of diagnosis and treatments for foot problems more related to our society. Be it our weather, types of Malaysian shoe fashion at all ages, type of activities Malaysians are generally involved and more! She also has a pair of good hands on all ages ranging from the kids to elderly to ease them before proceeding with any treatments. 


Due to the lack of public awareness towards the treatments and care provided by podiatrists, Dr Shuang is constantly involved in providing educational talks to the public regarding foot care and promoting conservative foot care treatments to various conditions. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to conduct one.


Dr Shuang has a special interest in biomechanics of lower limb, which includes paediatric podiatry conditions such flat feet and in-toe walking.


Doctor's words: "Feet are the most important part of our body to keep us mobile, and feet pain can heavily affect our lives. By providing the best conservative care, I wish to reach out as many people as possible, especially my fellow Malaysians, to allow walking and standing on feet to be pain free and comfortable at all times." - Shuang

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