Ingrown Nail
Onychogryphosis / 
Thick nails

Ingrown Nail is very commonly seen in Malaysia. 


Unfortunately, due to the lack of podiatrists they are usually poorly treated. Podiatrists are experts in treating ingrown nail. If you have ongoing ingrown nail problems, seek advice from a podiatrist before removing your whole nail repetitively. 

Onychogryphosis is a nail condition where the nail grows abnormally thick and curves. 


Usually accompanied with ageing and possibly other medical conditions, it is important to thin the nail before the thickening of the nail exerts too much pressure on the toes. 

Fungal Nail

Fungal nail, also known as onychomycosis are commonly seen among men and women. We are able to provide removal of the fungal nail to allow better penetration of your medication. 

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