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Orthotics Prescription

Podiatrists are specialist in orthotic prescription. 


Many foot conditions can be treated with prescription orthotics. All orthotics are prescribed with full Gait and Biomechanical Assessment. Orthotics are catered to personal needs. A patient who is highly active in sports will get a different designed orthotics as compared to a female patient who will normally use them in women shoes. Therefore it is important to let your podiatrist know of your main concern and daily activities. 


In FootDoctor Podiatry Clinic, our orthotics are manufactured by a foot orthotic professional lab in Perth, Australia with highly trained foot orthotist. 

Difference between an Insole and

Podiatrist-Prescribed Orthotics 

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An insole that is now widely available in most retailers are mainly made through pressure distribution of a digital scanning. It reflects the irregular pressure distribution of our feet during midstance (when the foot is fully in contact with ground during walking) but the root of the problem is not shown. A person will benefit from a pair of insole if they have no signs of foot pain or with a mild condition. 


On the other hand, a prescription orthotic is prescribed by a highly trained clinician, mostly podiatrists. Detailed examination which includes assessing bone structure, muscle function and joint range of motion will be done before orthotics are ordered. We should all be aware that not everyone benefits from orthotics, and modifications are required to treat most foot conditions. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from a podiatrist before wearing an orthotic.

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