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You MUST make an appointment prior to your arrival. 
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FootDoctor Podiatry
+603 7731 6196
Note: We are closed on TUESDAY and SUNDAY.
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As we thrive to ensure a safe treatment environment for each of our patients and visitors, the clinic will be making the following changes:


1. We DO NOT ALLOW WALK-INS as we will be separating our appointments as such that the patients do not meet each other. Therefore, please be punctual for your appointment and do make a booking with us prior to visiting! Booking on the day itself is also accepted.  


2. Only ONE FAMILY MEMBER is allowed to accompany each patient. We will also be recording the full name and NRIC number of each visitors entering the clinic.

3. Disinfecting and sanitising the treatment room and common areas after each patient. 

Thank you!

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