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General Foot Pain

We understand that foot pain can sometimes be very unpredictable, and sometimes occurs at the weirdest position that we are unable to imagine what could have happened to your foot. 


Rest assured! Podiatrists are experts in lower limb from the hip to your ankle. We will perform a detailed assessment and come up with the best treatment modality for you. 

Pain: Forefoot / Balls of Foot

Morton's Neuroma

Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that affects the balls of foot, most commonly between third and fourth toes. It also occasionally occurs at second and third toes. In severe conditions, some patients are able to hear the 'clicking' sound in between toes as they walk.  

Morton's neuroma, pain at ball of foot, pain at toes, tumour in toes

Pain: Leg

Shin Splints

Shin is the region of our leg in between the knee and ankle. 


All shin pain are referred to as shin splints but is not diagnostic. Shin splints usually appear on sports active people including children.  

shin splints, running pain, pain at lower leg

Flat Foot

Flat feet is a common term known for pes planus, reduced arches or collapsed arches. It is commonly seen among Asians. 


Flat feet is divided into rigid flat feet and flexible flat feet. We generally treat rigid flat feet on children at early age but treatment on adults are depending on their symptoms. 


Frequent ankle twists, knee pain or heel pain are alarming signs that the patient should be attentive to his flat feet.  

flat feet, flat foot, pes planus, collapsed arch, 扁平足
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