Corns and Callouses

Corns are thickened skin found in the foot that is caused by excessive friction and/or pressure. Podiatrist are able to remove corns through a painless procedure. As the depth of corns may sometimes be at the dermal layer where blood vessels are located, it is important that corns are removed with sterilised instruments by a podiatrist or a medical practitioner.

Hyperkeratosis is a type of skin condition. Removal of these callus and corns can be done by a podiatrist. We usually work together with your dermatologist to achieve the best outcome. 


Most people with this condition feel shy to remove their shoes outside, and we might just be your life saver! 


Warts that grow on sole of foot are known as plantar warts and these are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). 


It is important to differentiate between warts and corns as they sometimes appear similar. The treatments are completely different. 

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