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Heel pain is a very common type of foot pain. 


Most foot pain are caused by plantar fasciitis, with the most indicative sign of pain at heel in the morning, or after a long rest. 


However, there are many heel pain cases that were mistreated because it was assumed plantar fasciitis, and this usually does not treat the problem and may sometimes aggravate the pain. 


Orthotics are the most common treatment provided, however in some cases mobilisation and dry needling may be required for faster and better recovery, depending on your podiatrist. 


Tips: The first step to treat heel pain is calf stretching! Before trying anything else, why not put in the some effort and self discipline to do calf stretching 4 times a day for 7 consecutive days. If that fails, see us! 

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Heel Spur 

Heel spurs are calcium deposit from the bone causing a bony protrusion at the bottom of our heel bone, calcaneus. 


Heel spurs are usually accompanied with plantar fasciitis due to it's anatomical location. Patients experience pain around the heel region and is worse when walking or standing. 


X-ray imaging is required to differentiate heel spur from other conditions.


Different orthotic modifications are required to accommodate and relief pain for patients with heel spurs. 

heel pain, heel spur, 骨刺, pain in heel
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