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Our Team

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Consultation Hours:

Tuesday: 11am - 8.30pm

Wednesday: 11am - 3pm

Saturday   :  9am - 1pm

Consultant Podiatrist

Dr Samantha Chan

B.Pod.M. (Aus)


Dr Samantha Chan is a podiatrist who has gained her degree from the University of
Western Australia in Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine after studying for four years.
She currently holds a registration as a health practitioner of Australia under the
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. She has gained several years
of experience from working in a medical centre in Perth, Western Australia,
particularly in the education of diabetic patients about the effects of diabetes on
their feet as well as doing regular diabetic foot tests for patients.

Dr Samantha has particular interests in conservative treatments such as minimally
invasive removal of minor ingrown toenails, removal of calluses and corns,
taping and the use of foot orthotic therapy.

Orthotics are insole inserts you put into your shoes to wear; the use of orthotics
are mainstay treatment for many leg and foot conditions; particularly conditions
which are chronic in nature and that relies on the changes of the biomechanics of
the leg and foot to alleviate pain. A lot of these biomechanical-based foot
conditions are caused by flat feet, which we also treat with orthotics.
Biomechanics is the study of the body in motion. Foot biomechanics study the
relationship of the foot to the leg whilst in motion. Foot biomechanics analyses
how the various structures of the foot work together to perform certain
functions. Dysfunction of motion or dysfunction of joint positions can cause
various leg and foot pathologies and deformities. Therefore orthotics can help
these dysfunctions of motion or position of joints by altering the motion and
position of joints of the foot, the arch and henceforth alleviate pathologies
upwards the entire lower limbs and lower back.

Dr Samantha understands that most conditions are intertwined with one another. If
one leg or foot were not functioning to the best of its ability, the dysfunction
would compensate on the other limb, foot, or back, causing various problems
apart from the main presenting problem or problems.

Outside of work, Dr Samantha enjoys doing adult ballet, and therefore understands
the importance of healthy, functional lower limbs and feet to be able to
participate in everyday activities, hobbies as well as for ones’ general well-being.
She also spends her time sketching, painting, writing and playing several musical

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